Along with the tourism industry, cultural and creative industries (CCIs) are among the most affected by the pandemic. According to the reports of OECD and UNESCO, the venue and site-based CCIs (such as museums, art galleries, theatres), are the hardest hit by social distancing measures, since they depend on the human congregation.

All CCIs need systems and management tools to make them more resilient today, since CCIs make up 3.1% of the world’s GDP and 6.2% of all employment. They are integral to all nations’ social, civic, and economic well-being, innovation, and vitality. Therefore, UNESCO calls for changes to better support the cultural sectors in the future. In particular, UNESCO is calling for the support of the community media to foster a diverse range of content to broaden their audiences

Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective 1: To enhance and support collaboration between private CCIs, public and cultural institutions, and everyone in the community to promote Europe’s culture, values, and interests,

Strategic Objective 2: To increase accessibility, awareness, understanding, and participation of cultural heritage and arts,

Strategic Objective 3: To enhance the audience experience by using digital solutions and cutting-edge technologies,

Strategic Objective 4: To preserve cultural heritage and make them more resilient by preventing deterioration due to overcrowding and in case of a pandemic,

Strategic Objective 5: To increase economic and socio-cultural development.

Operational Objectives

Objective 1: To develop, verify and evaluate main-steam technologies for CULTURATI for content and visitor-flow management with two subsystems; education and navigation (WP2),

Objective 2: To test and verify the technological outcomes in operational environments consisting of two pilot studies (WP3),

Objective 3: To demonstrate the fully functional prototype to show its operational feasibility at five pilot venues (WP4),

Objective: 4: To Integrate AI into CULTURATI to automate the content management and improve the performance of its technological stack with AI (WP5).