National Event

Hosted by Bilkent University, Faculty of Applied Sciences, the first National Event was held in Ankara Türkiye at Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center on 8 March 2023 with the involvement of all potential stakeholders of CULTURATI.

General Assembly

As with other Horizon Europe projects, the decision mechanism is democratic. The first General Assembly was held by involving representatives from each partner and was chaired by the coordinator; Bilkent University.


The overall objective of CULTURATI is to build a sustainable and inclusive cultural-educational ecosystem with visitor and capacity management that will aim to achieve five strategic objectives.


Both institutions and individuals involved in Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) and citizens can use CULTURATI. It can be used by venue or site-based CCIs such as museums, art galleries, art fairs, biennial events, palaces, castles, historic town centres, cities etc., CCI professionals such as artists, authors, handcraft designers, freelancers, painters, film and animation producers etc. and citizens to share knowledge involving cultural and artistic merit.